Saturday, September 02, 2006


Surely complaining that a Mecury Prize nominee is a bit dull is not unlike suggesting that a Noel Prize laureate is a bit of a boffin? It's sponsored by a building society, isn't it?

Hasn't stopped Hot Chip from launching a walk-through attack on their rivals for the prize:

Joe Goddard, who sings and plays percussion in the band, exclusively told The Sun Online that he thinks the Editors are "boring".

"I think Interpol are a very good band and The Editors are just a watered down Interpol."

"I don’t know who Zoe Rahman is," he revealed.

"I didn’t even know she was nominated.

"I don’t know a thing about Richard Hawley and I can’t tell you if Lou Rhodes exists."

Now, calling a competitor's very existence into question is a quite existential mode of attack, and might lead you to expect that Hot Chip are smarter than you and me. Or smarter than me, anyway. But then they get on to the subject of the Arctic Monkeys, and... well, they're just like everyone else:

"The Arctic Monkeys have made a wicked album.

"I saw them live a couple of months ago and in-between tracks the lead singer and drummer were mentioning old two-step garage MC’s and producers.

"I think instead of being kids who grew up listening to Led Zeppelin all the time – which is what they sound like a little bit - they’ve actually grown up on dance music.

"They’re an interesting band and seem like nice lads."

Well, inarguably they seem like nice lads, except when they're kicking their mate out the band because he's not pulling his weight. But "interesting" might be stretching it more than a little.