Sunday, September 03, 2006

Golf club baby-related tantrums

We're not entirely sure there's even a story here, except how highly strung Geri Halliwell is, but the News of the World is reporting she's called in police to investigate her allegations that Bluebell had been abused by some agency nanny she'd left her with:

GERI Halliwell found baby daughter Bluebell bruised and bawling after leaving her with a temporary nanny.

The tiny tot was shrieking when furious Geri, 34, turned on the nanny and screamed: "What's happened? What have you done to my baby?"

Apparently, the nanny didn't offer an explanation - although if you had Halliwell bawling in one ear and a child bawling in the other, you might find it difficult to get your thoughts together; they could use that in Guantanamo - which made Halliwell assume there'd been something wrong happening.

Because, of course, children don't get bruised and cry under normal circumstances of playing and wobbling and falling.

An insider explains:

"Geri has barely let Bluebell out of her sight since the birth. Then she leaves her with someone and all hell breaks loose."

So... this is one of the first times Geri has left her daughter with a stranger. Do you wonder if, perhaps, that might have been what upset Bluebell? That, perhaps, the bruise had already been there when geri handed her over, but unnoticed, and when discovered as "proof" something was up, the nanny was unable to explain how it got there because it hadn't actually happened during her watch?

It's every bit as plausable as "nanny abuses child", but, of course, less interesting from a Sunday paper's perspective.