Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Sun would quite like to apologise

For some odd reason, Victoria Newton's photobyline doesn't grace today's piece grovelling to Nigel Martin-Smith for letting Robbie Williams accuse him of all sorts.

The Sun says:

Apology to Nigel Martin Smith

October 18, 2006

On September 4th and 14th we wrote about "The Nineties", a song written by Robbie Williams for his soon to be released album.

The first piece carried quotes from the song and quotes from Robbie himself which alleged that Nigel Martin Smith, who used to manage Take That, either stole the profits from a European tour or incompetently failed to make any and lied to the band when they asked about it.

In fact, there is absolutely no truth in these allegations. The European tour did make money, the band were paid and the accounts were scrutinised by accountants and found to be unimpeachable.

We sincerely apologise to Nigel Martin Smith for the distress caused by publishing these allegations and have agreed to pay him compensation.

Let's hope the paper's Macca-as-wifebeater tale stands up to scrutiny, eh?