Thursday, November 02, 2006

"And it is called Webbey the Vampire Slayer..."

Apparently inspired by Anne Rice's Lestat series, Simon Webbe is writing his own vampire trilogy:

"I don't want the sex to be a big part of it. I want the sexiness of the characters to carry the story.

"A girl with long legs, a big bosom, mini skirt and low-cut top is not leaving much to the imagination - characters who cover their legs and wear tank tops are sexier."

Simon WebbeYou really think that it's sexier to put on a shirt, Simon? We can see what you mean.

He revealed he's been working on the project for four years, and that he'd love to set his movie in Rome, Britain or France.

So... you've been writing this for four years, and haven't actually decided where it happens yet? We're expecting to hear some character names around the middle of 2009, then.