Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Babyshambles against the racists

Drew McConnell, out of Babyshambles, is organising a Love Music, Hate Racism event due for Fabric on November 30th.

There's the people you'd expect to turn up at an event organised by one of Babyshambles (The View, Mystery Jets, The Paddingtons, Lupen Crook) and the sort of people who you'd hope would swing by an anti-racism event (Terry Hall and Jerry Dammers). It's a great cause, top entertainment, and all for sixteen quid. And, with the BNP apparently being told by the courts that it's just this side of legal to go round stirring up shit, more important than ever.

Drew says:

"The work LMHR is doing is incredible, it restores my faith in humanity's ability to feel solidarity and indignation at injustice, and actually act on it. LMHR continues to bring to our attention the reality of what's going on with the BNP, and how they prey on some of Britain's most troubled areas.

"What we have is music, so join us, a motley crew of indie bands, grime acts and drum'n'bass DJs to help send a unified message to the BNP - Britain is a multicultural society and that's how we like it."

Although we must stress that its a "Motley crew of indie bands" and not "Motley Crue and indie bands".


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