Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Be undressed and ready, my angel

What we love most about the announcement that Sarah Harding out of Girls Aloud has the hots for Carl Barat is the way it confirms that, yes, popstars live in different worlds to indie stars:

"I like rock boys. I saw Carl recently and I was like: 'Who is THAT?'" The girls looked him up on the internet."

Never mind judges being out of touch - someone who works in the music industry managing to be unaware of the existence of Carl Barat despite, you know, the whole Libertines having been mentioned once or twice in the newspapers over the last three years or so. We've got visions of Cheryl Tweedy leaning over the Google saying "apparently he was in a band with someone called Pete Do Hurty..."

We can only hope this leads to GA doing a cover of You Fucking Love It next year.