Friday, November 10, 2006

Carey decides to embark on a public laundry

There is little that makes our heart sing than the prospect of all sorts of awkward details being dragged into public view under the rules of open court. Where some might have decided to cut their losses, Mariah Carey has delighted us by choosing to pursue a legal action against the promoters who cancelled her Hong Kong date.

You'll recall, the promoters axed the gig because of poor ticket sales and diva-like demands. (Personally, we'd have been tempted to expect both of those things booking Carey, but what would we know?). But it's far from clear who actually pulled the plug, as:

Her lawyers claim she was forced to cancel the concert after One Group Investments "breached its contractual obligations", AFP news agency reports.

Carey is looking for the promoters to make good the money she'd spent on preparing for the show - so, the price of a purchase of a bikini from Ethel Austin and a bucket of glitter, then.