Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gennaro Castaldo Watch: He's been confused

Jona emails us with a link to a story in today's Guardian which suggests why Gennaro Castaldo has been so quiet: he's been mesmerised by his Electronic
Programme Guide:

"In recent years," says Castaldo, "TV has gone a bit mad. So many channels, so many programmes, with shows moving between networks and time slots. It became harder and harder to make a date with a favourite show."

TV has already objected to being called "a bit mad", issuing a statement through its solicitors explaining that, while it did suffer a serious bout of depression around the time of the launch of ITV3, characterising it as mad is a little unfair. Meanwhile, a small crowd of Castaldo's friends are asking if he's finding it hard to catch his favourite shows, they'll pop round and show him how to set up his Sky+ or download the episodes off bittorrent - "effectively, it's never been this simple to keep track of your favourite programmes" explained one, "and it's hard to see how Gennaro feels so bereft in an age where you can record an entire series by pressing a single button, and catch-ups on other channels and so on. Did he really find it simpler to keep track of a series when it went out, once, on a channel and you'd have to wait for a repeat years later if you missed it or mis-set the video?"


Anonymous said...

You missed one a few days ago -

"However Gennaro Castaldo, spokesman for retailer HMV, believes Sir Cliff Richard may be in line for his fourth Christmas Number One, with a cover of his hit single Move It, featuring Queen guitarist Brian May.

"You can never rule out Sir Cliff when it comes to Christmas," said Mr Castaldo.

"And by teaming up with the likes of Brian May and Daniel O'Donnell, and their considerable fan bases, he's giving himself every chance of landing his 15th UK number one - putting him just two behind The Beatles.""

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