Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lily Allen: MySpace PR ghouls hang together

As we start to reshuffle our mailbox following a few days prancing round the fleshpots of Old Amsterdam (well, Italian restaurants rather than fleshpots) we discover an email from Karl T, who found Lily Allen's musical choices, as reported by the Metro. In particular, he was taken by her defence of Sandi Thom and her bizarre mangling of late 20th century history:

"My favourite song of all time. It really makes me feel like I'm kind of a rebel but at peace with myself at the same time. What I like is that she's reinvented history so that it sounds better"

Karl asks: "Which reinvention of history is she talking about? The conflation of flower power with punk? Or the laughable idea that Thom was a struggling artist who gained success by broadcasting over Teh Internets from her basement. Either way she's still a git."

Equally, of course, Lily Allen claims, with a straight face, that given the millions of different organisations of music, and word, and melody that have been constructed during human history, her favourite song is I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker.

Her favourite song of all time.

At least, we guess, it's not one of her own.