Thursday, November 16, 2006

Murderers stalk Jonathan Davis

Back in the early days of this century, Korn's Jonathan Davis had a dream: he wanted to open a museum dedicated to murder and killing and such like, because he's so twisted and macabre, isn't he?

Of course, nothing ever came of it, but he'd managed to get Arthur Rosenblatt involved. Rosenblatt sought compensation for the effort he'd put into trying to make money out of the killing of people somebody loved, and a court action led to the pair making an agreement.

Part of which was that Davis wouldn't slag Rosenblatt off. Trouble is, almost as soon as the ink was dry, Davis gave an interview in which he apparently had a pop at his partner-in-crime-museum. So, they're all going back to court again, with Rosenblatt hoping to get a quarter of a million bucks to make up for all the hurt.

We're considering opening a museum of people who've fallen out trying to open museums. Anyone want to give us a quote on an animatronic Rosenblatt?