Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oh, my Gotti

At one time, there were no second acts in American lives. Now, not only do they roll on into third or fourth acts, but sometime round the interval deals are signed for reality shows.

So it is that VH1 are promising this shining delight for their winter season:

After being investigated for 3 years by the federal government on charges of money laundering and acquitted, Irv Gotti is now attempting a comeback with his label The Inc while also juggling his responsibilities as a husband and father.

Besides the Irv Gotti Project, there's also a programme called Man Band, which is effectively Totally Boyband remade in the states and with slightly more honesty about how long it is since the "boys" were boys: Manband. Trouble is, calling it Manband makes it sound like something elderly men would need to maintain an erection for longer. The man-boys who are desperate enough to cling to this chance of a second act are Bryan Abrams (Color Me Badd), Rich Cronin (LFO), Chris Kirkpatrick ('N Sync) and Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees) - the PR puff promises five, which makes it sound like they're having trouble getting someone else for the series.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Manband is a horrible name! I wish they would've picked something else. But as a longtime fan of Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd, I can't wait to see him on television again! And yes, I know his looks have changed a bit, but I still think he's SEXY, because he's Bryan Abrams. And for sure, his voice is still oh so beautiful! I wish Manband all the success in the world. Good luck Bryan and the others!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call these guys desperate for a second chance. I think they were given an opportunity to participate in something they love and they took the offer to do it. Plus, why can't they sing for us again? They all have excellent singing voices. People shouldn't be so judgemental. Just because the guys made hit songs in the past and eventually left the limelight for a while, doesn't mean the public should talk bad about them when they come back. An opportunity is an opportunity. If you stopped writing for years, and then were given the opportunity to write for a famous magazine or newspaper, and took the offer to write again, would you term yourself as "desperate"? I don't think so. We should give the guys a chance and see what they're made of. If they aren't any good at making music together, then we can judge them and say they're no good. But to term them "desperate" is a little harsh. They just want to make music and do what they love. And if they become famous again in the process---Well, good for them! I agree with "anonymous #1": The name for the group is bad, but I wish them a lot of luck!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Anonymous #2:

I do cherish the idea that these people "left" the limelight, perhaps taking a little bow and pausing at the stage door to harken to the sounds of cheering and to whisper to the receptionist "always leave them wanting more..."

If what they love doing is singing, they could do this without being on VH1.

To deal with your rhetorical situation, I daresay if I did stop writing for a few years and was then offered a plum job with a well-respected magazine, I might be tempted to step forward and take up a role. No desperation.

However, if I was offered a slot sitting in a cage tip-tapping away at a large, old-school typewriter while the crowds gathered to throw buns and scoff, I might consider myself a little desperate to say 'yes'.

What's happened here is VH1 have contacted these guys, said "we're looking for some washed-up guys to..." and they all replied "If I can rearrange my shifts at the Custard stand, I'll be there..."

They have not signed up for an evening of singing songs. They've signed on for a starring role in a human circus. There's not a faint whiff of desperation about this deal; it's a great ole smell.

Anonymous said...

Simon h b:

Anonymous #2 here again. I am so sad that you would talk so meanly about a bunch of guys who you don't even know. I don't know them either, but when I think of them and their old songs, I can recall fond memories that their songs have given me. And for that I will always be a supportive fan and will not be "throwing buns or scoffing" at them. And I'm sure not everyone will be either. There will be some who will be feeling the way I do and am happy the guys are making a new chapter in their lives. We should not be making fun of them; we should see them as brave men who have to face some cynical, mean individuals who think of them as desperate because they want to be on VH1. It's a shame that when artists disappear for a while and decide to come back in ways that are unflattering to some people they are deemed as "desperate" or "human circuses". So what if they chose VH1 as a way to come back to the public instead of doing something else? I, for one, am happy to see them come back and would like to see them beyond the music (no pun intended) and catch a glimpse of their real personalities. Are they jerks? Nice? Caring? Are they worthy of my support?

It is true that they could continue on singing without doing the VH1 thing, but maybe they liked the idea of being on VH1. Or, maybe there were people who decided these guys weren't "in" enough anymore and wouldn't give them the time of day. So, when VH1 approached them, this was a way to come back to our hearts. I still don't think it's an act of desperation. I think it's an act of bravery and a great opportunity for them to start a new chapter in their lives. And it's a wonderful opportunity to see my "old school" favorites. Okay, so our opinions differ: you think they're desperate and I don't. I value your opinion, but have to disagree.

Also, Simon h b, to call the guys a human circus show is a vile act on your part. Shame on you! In the end, beyond everything else, they are still human beings and deserve some courtesy and respect. To disagree with their actions, yes I think you have a right to your opinion; but to call them names is not right. You may not have said they are a human circus show, but you implied it.

Let me guess, one opinion/statement you may have---or may not have-- is "If they want to be respected and be given courtesy, then they shouldn't be doing degrading VH1 deals. They should find different honorable and creditable deals to be a part of". But like I said before, what they are doing is a matter of difference in opinions. What you deem as desperate and a circus show, I deem as brave---and hopefully---a fun and exciting show to watch.

So as you and some others may be throwing buns and scoffing at them, I and others will be throwing roses, kisses, and warm smiles at them; and giving them strong support and well wishes for a successful, happy new chapter in their lives.

They have not signed up for a starring role in a human circus. They have signed up for a starring role in Man Band---a VH1 show about former accomplished musical artists working together on a reality show. That's it.

In addition, in regards to that "great ole smell" you smell---You are not smelling desperation from the guys. What you smell is the "stink" you carry around with you about "hating" on other people and their choices of doing what you "think" is an act desperation and what you deem a human circus show.

Please do not feel or think that this comment is an attack on you at all. That is not my intention or personality to offend anyone. This is merely my opinion on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have been better said, Anonymous #2!

Anonymous #3

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