Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Courtney without a blemish on her character

Courtney Love has been spat out of the court system a changed woman, Judge Rand Rubin has decided.

He's ended her probation early, telling her she's done very well:

"Early on in this case, Ms Love, I think you came very close to coming into custody.

"I think you've done very well. You've shown to me you are interested in a much less destructive lifestyle."

Excellent news. Well done Courtney for... hang on, what's this?

Courtney has a few words for Steve Coogan:

"I've kept journals of every single thing, every single person I've ever slept with. Steve Coogan needs to lose the naughty fucking altar boy routine. When I was with him, he passed the line of what even I thought was normal. He has an intense sex addiction. He never wanted to stop. If he's given me anything, I swear to God I'd cut his dick off!"

Thank God she's left that destructive behaviour in the past, eh?
[Thanks to Michael M for the Coogan link]