Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Global warming? No problem

Showing the clear grasp of complex facts that makes him the greatest Prime Minister this nation never had, Noel Gallagher turns his attention to ecology:

“Greens are fucking hippies with no place in the world.

How do you suggest we get millions of Chinese not to have a fridge? Or get millions of Americans to stop using their big, stupid cars?”

He's right. Let's all give up now, shall we? But what of the future generations?

“Kids adapt. Our parents are horrified about the society we built for ourselves – drugs and sex and drink and rock ‘n’ roll and television."

Ah, that's it then. The inundation of low-laying land, the failure of global agriculture, millions of people starving, the methane frozen in the seas being released and raining fire down upon us all is akin to the introduction of jukeboxes.

Thank god we have Noel to put it all into context.

[Thanks to Gary White for the link]