Monday, December 18, 2006

Opik meets Margrit

The Liberal Democrats are always full of surprises, aren't they? As if all their fun of 2005 wasn't enough, now Lembit Opik, the walking bad-hand at Scrabble, has ditched his wife-to-be Sian Lloyd in favour of... one of the Cheeky Girls.

No, us neither.

The Cheeky Girl's mother is delighted with the move, describing Lembit as a "very nice man":

Mrs Margrit revealed the MP has even befriended their pet Irish wolfhound.

She said: “It’s the girls’ bodyguard but Lembit bought him some chocolate treats and they got on really well.”

Isn't giving dogs chocolate as dangerous as, say, asteroids and meteorites hurtling towards earth?

Gabriella, for those of you able to tell the Girls apart, is thrilled to be dating the Lib Dem's intellectual powerhouse:

“I want to give him a great surprise. I’ll definitely dress up sexily for him!”

The thought that the great surprise might be the discovery that it's a buy-one-get-one-free deal is making us come over a little queasy.