Thursday, December 07, 2006

That's what I go to court for

The glow of being voted the best vaguely famous person prepared to debase themselves to shore up the ITV share price didn't last long for Matt Willis, as he returned to something other than cheers and garlands.

He came back to legal strife from Ki Fitzgerald and Owen Doyle.

Who they? According to their claim, they were the people who created Busted, drafting in Matt and James, only to be kicked out by manager Richard Rashman in favour of Charlie Simpson.

They'd served papers demanding a slice of the cash earned by the band - mostly sharply, claiming that Busted was a brand they'd created - and Matt had posted his response before he went to Australia.

While he was down there chomping down on Jan Leeming's testicles and showering inside Myleene Klass' bikini, Fitzgerald and Doyle digested his response, and promptly headed off to the cops:

Ki and Owen's team claim there are many holes in Matt's defence and statement of truth. They have lodged a formal complaint with police for possible perjury and perverting the course of justice.

A spokesman for Ki and Owen said: "Ki and Owen allege that Matt Willis, in particular, would appear to have attempted to pervert the course of justice in his defence and we have irrefutable evidence of fact to prove that specifics in their statement of truth are incorrect and wholly misleading.

"It will now be up to the police to determine whether there has been an attempt to pervert the course of justice in the forthcoming High Court trial."

Although it seems unlikely the police would want to wade into turning a civil case into a criminal one, Willis could be facing a jail sentence if they do proceed.

Wonderfully, as part of Willis' defence statement, he claimed that Geri Halliwell had come up with the name Busted when she misheard the name "Buster" during a guest-host slot on MTV (a claim Fitzgerald and Doyle deny), throwing up the possibility that Geri could get a cameo in any High Court action.

The pair are also taking issue with Willis' claim that he never knew them before he auditioned for Busted; they're convinced they can prove they all went to stage school together. But surely nobody would be as dim as to try and claim they'd never met their stage school chums, would they?

Sadly for Matt, this one won't be solved by people texting in votes.