Sunday, December 10, 2006

Victoria Beckham suggests denim men didn't try too hard

Nobody plays Victoria Beckham for an idiot.

Oh, alright then.

But if the mutterings coming from her legal team are correct, she believes that Rock & Republic have been shortpaying her share of profits from the jean range she signed off ("designed") for them.

Victoria has already pocketed half a million quid, but is starting to think that she should have got more - although she doesn't think anyone set out to diddle her, apparently. Surely half a million quid for some - literally - butt-ugly jeans must be a more than generous return, considering even corpses refused to wear them on the grounds that "you can buy ugly jeans from Wal-Mart for a tenth of the price."

Another corpse said she wouldn't be seen dead in the jeans because "although I like the faded look, I want the denim to be faded rather than the career of the supposed designer". Which isn't much of a joke, but isn't bad for someone who died in 1963.

Rock and Republic think the whole thing is "ridiculous" - although so was signing up Beckham to the deal in the first place, but that didn't stop it happening - and insist they owe her nothing. Nothing, nothing at all.