Sunday, January 28, 2007

Does the world need a new Mariah Carey?

We're not entirely sure there's much mileage in plans to turn Leona Lewis into the New Mariah, but at least by selling their home in the UK and moving to the US, her parents will be able to take advantage of the exchange rate.

As if having Simon Cowell on your back all the time as you tramp around the Boise cabaret circuit wasn't enough, then, Lewis is going to have to cope with her parents "helping". They spent eighty thousand putting her through stage school, so it's not like they're looking for a return or anything:

"Leona is number one and we are a team. We've supported her all her life. We're planning to go out to America to keep an eye on things."

It must be great for them to see Leona living out their dreams... sorry, her dreams, in such a way.