Friday, January 19, 2007

EMI announces new team

Having had a terrible Christmas, and indeed, a fairly rotten 2006, EMI axed its top management a couple of weeks ago. It's needed; after all, a record label which really built its hopes for the year on the back of Robbie Williams, Janet Jackson and Keith Urban clearly needs to take a new direction.

Instead, of course, EMI has chosen to promote from within the same team as has been running the ship into the ground.

Thus, Eric Nicoli moves to expand his role. He's been executive chairman of EMI for years; now, he's become CEO. Before he joined EMI, he wasn't entirely without links to the music industry - United Biscuits had owned the Linda McCartney brand name while he was in charge there.

JF Cellion has been promoted from being in charge of Europe to chairman & CEO, EMI Music International. Before Cellion joined EMI, he was with Sega, overseeing the launch of the Dreamcast and pumping twelve million quid into sponsoring Arsenal to promote it. Money, we're sure, well spent.

It's certainly a powerful sounding team.