Friday, January 26, 2007


Did you know there was a "curse on Brits drummers"? No, neither did anyone else, until Victoria Newton tried to work one up, because Johnny Quinn from Snow Patrol and, now, Andy Burrows from Johnny Borrell's backing group The Razorlights have both hurt their arms:

You now have to worry for the safety of the other drummers who will be performing on Brits night — RONNIE VANNUCCI from THE KILLERS, ZAK STARKEY of OASIS, PADDY BOOM from SCISSOR SISTERS and CHAD SMITH from RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS.

Erm... no, Victoria, no you don't.

Burrows apparently woke up covered in blood - his first thought probably being "come on, Johnny, couldn't you have just sacked the band?" - and discovered somehow he'd slashed his elbow.

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Anonymous said...

and discovered somehow he'd slashed his elbow

Freak gardening accident?

Anonymous said...

Look at me! Wheeee! I know the names of some drummers! I'm qualified to write about music! Wheee!

God, bashing Victoria Newton never gets old does it?

Anonymous said...

Victoria Newton is probably like Liam Gallagher in the sense that she thinks that 'Spinal Tap' is a real documentary about a British metal band, with disappearing/self-combusting drummers.

Hence the warning: bands, watch your drummers, they're cursed.

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