Monday, January 29, 2007

Roadrunner caught by wily Cohen

The deal was announced over Christmas, but it's finally been completed: Roadrunner has been sucked into Warner Music Group.

Lyor Cohen trumpeted his delight:

"Very rarely do you find a record company with such a longstanding reputation and distinct viewpoint that its very name rises to the level of true brand. Roadrunner, from its strong artist roster to its deep catalog and first-rate creative team, embodies the hard Rock aesthetic to its core. Cees [Wessels] and I shared great success when we brought Roadrunner into the IDJ family in 2001, so naturally I'm thrilled today to welcome Cees and his team to Warner Music Group. We look forward to building upon Roadrunner's 25 years of success together."

Island DefJam had been distributing RoadRunner for the last five years.