Monday, January 29, 2007

NME closes

All good things come to an end; some more abruptly than others. Four months after launch, IPC has pulled the plug on NME Ireland. [Link requires free registration]

NME Ireland editor Steve Cummins is less than thrilled:

"It wasn't selling as well as anticipated but that's not to say that sales were bad. They were up an awful lot on what they had been before the Irish edition.

"There was no talk of it being on a trial run or anything like that, although I was aware that for the first period everything is on a trial basis. I think NME intended to be in it for the long haul but IPC decided to pull it."

Although hopes for the title were high at launch, it seems there's not been much in the way of advertising support for the title.

Dublin's Club NME nights will continue; readers in the Republic will now receive the UK edition instead. If they want it.