Wednesday, October 11, 2006

NME: Jeux sans frontieres

NME is launching a new edition, aimed at the Irish market (and probably running Hot Press out of town) with to contain dedicated pages focused on the Irish live music scene, with the latest news, features profiles and live reviews from the breaking acts in the country. The magazine will also include the usual UK and international music scene coverage.

Apparently, they've got one staffer to produce the local stuff, and will be topping up with content provided by The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, The Irish Daily Star and The Irish Sun. The Daily Star, eh? Evoking sweet memories of the time the NME news pages were briefly edited by former Daily Star bitch Mel Myers. "Briefly" is the key word here.

Press Gazette claims this is the NME's first jaunt much beyond King's Reach Towers, but that's forgetting, of course, the Russian edition.

NME is also planning on making itself available as a pdf download, so American readers can read the latest news about Pete Doherty before it's been superceded by more news about him.


Aaron said...

Very interesting. Frankly, Hot Press has deteriorated so much over the past few years that any new blood is welcomed.

And it can't be anymore damaging to the social fabric of Ireland than the introduction of the Irish Daily Mail..

Mind you - you'd got to love them.. thinking it's a good idea to launch a new physical product. It's alright folks, the skies not falling in, honest..

Anonymous said...

Contrary to that report, they're not getting any Irish Times content. Nor, I think, from any of the other sources mentioned. I smell a misleading press release badly rewritten in a hurry by someone who hasn't got a clue.

simon h b said...

Well, be fair to the UK Press Gazette - it's currently got Piers Morgan and Matthew Freud helming it, so it's not exactly a journalistic labour of love.

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