Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jay-Z too blue for red China

Jay-Z had been looking forward to playing a gig in China. Now, though, he's not going to be, as he's been banned.

He's just too rude says thwarted promoter Sun Yun:

"Some of Jay-Z's songs contain too much vulgar language".

The rumours that the Cultural Ministry pulled the date when they found out that Beyonce wasn't coming just aren't true.


Anonymous said...

this is so dumb!!cant the people of that country think for themselves?if u feel that its too "vulgar",u dont go to the concert.simple!
thanks god for democracy!!!
anyway,i dont understand why any artist would go to china.aint no real money to be made.too much bootlegging,copyright infringements etc in that place.

simon h b said...

Two things:

Democracy is no guarantee that you can get to perform what you'd choose - otherwise the Death of George W Bush would be getting a cinema release in the US.

And although China is pretty difficult to turn a profit in, that won't always be the case - and, more importantly, it all helps the image back home.

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