Monday, January 15, 2007

SS Club 7

Trouble for Jo O'Meara and a couple of her celeb Big Brother housemates: Ofcom is investigating complaints that Jo, Danielle Lloyd and Jade Goody have been carrying out a campaign of racially motivated bullying against Shilpa Shetty.

It's unclear if Ofcom are also dealing with Jackiey Goody, who, faced with an Asian, started behaving like a real-world Marjorie Dawes, affecting not to be able to cope with the name Shilpa and describing her as "The Indian" instead. But they probably should be.

Jo has been heard doing "amusing" impersonations of Shilpa's accent, which means she'll be in prime position should ITV think about reviving Curry and Chips.

Jermaine Jackson has been trying to offer counselling, although even then he can't stop dropping his brother - Michael Jackson, the singer from the Jacksons - into the conversation:

Jermaine, meanwhile, was less accepting of the misunderstandings, saying that Jade simply wasn't "on her's like I'm going to a meeting and it's way over my head". However, he did have a helpful piece of advice for the housemates: "Look in the song 'Man In The Mirror' - that will tell you everything. They can't judge anybody else until they make that change."

If things carry on this way, he'll be reminding us that he ain't gonna spend his life being a colour.

Curiously, Jo has appeared in an educational video talking about being a victim of bullying. Doubtless she's now trying to illustrate the endless cycle.