Saturday, February 03, 2007

Geldof in unlikely teaming with concept of "peace"

Casting around for something to do, Bob Geldof is apparently getting involved in a television channel to promote world peace.

How on earth would that work? "I've just had a phonecall from our enemies on the other side of the line. They say that they were channel surfing last night after Will And Grace and saw a programme made by Bob Geldof which told them war, war is stupid, and people are stupid. They want to make a treaty, but say can we do it quickly before Saturday Kitchen comes on?"

Of course, he's not such a fool as to do this with his own money: it's being funded by one of those richly-resourced but ultimately impotent groups of Very Important People: Point of Peace, in this case.

BBC News says vaguely that Point of Peace "supports the work of Nobel Peace Laureates." They're slightly shadowy - a Google turns up a page which says merely

Point of Peace is a human rights organisation based in Stavanger, Norway, with a mandate to support Nobel Peace Prize Laureates in urgent need of media, dialogue and communication assistance in their home countries and internationally

and the second return is a hit from TripAdvisor discussing their role as a Norwegian Tourist Attraction.

A pdf document explains in a little more depth - Bob Geldof is listed as an "other" (presumably not in the Lost sense) between the advisory council and the board of directors; we suspect this role might have swung the contract for the channel landing in his lap rather than a showreel consisting of The Word, Big Breakfast, and various projects featuring members of his family.

Apparently, they're hoping that the Peace Channel will have a "You Tube effect" - we're sure that kids who otherwise would be kidnapped and pressed into serving in, say, the Lords Resistance Army in Uganda will be delighted at the initiative.