Friday, February 16, 2007

North Dakota knocks back Bono prize

Are you listening, Tony Blair? North Dakota's House of Representatives has knocked back a plan to honor Bono for being so great.

The idea came from Democrat Scot Kelsh, who thought it would be a great thing to do because, erm, no other state had honoured Vox. The majority of his legislative chums, though, figured there was good reason for that, and voted down the proposal.

And then some attempted to take down Bono's ego, too:

Republican Gil Herbel of Grafton, North Dakota, told the AP that he originally though the resolution referred to the late Sonny Bono, the former singer/actor/ Republican congressman and husband of Cher.

"When I saw the resolution, I was looking for Cher's name in there," Herbel said.

The official reason for the knock back was that Bono had no apparent connection with the State - which isn't usually a problem; he often arranges his tax affairs to be paying in a place with no apparent connection with him.


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