Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Round the Bloc a few times

Bloc Party are laying plans to complete the summer treble: appearances at Glastonbury, Reading-Leeds and T in the Park.

They're aware that's carrying a risk of over-familiarity:

Gordon Moakes, who spoke exclusively to 6 Music News:

"I don't know which ones have been announced from which one's haven't, I know we're playing T In The Park, I think we're playing Reading Festival, Glastonbury, so I think we'll be ever-present over the summer."

Gordon also gave the story of the Aberdeen coin incident from the band's perspective:
"Somebody threw a coin and it kind of threw Kele's concentration more than anything else, because he was in the middle of a song. When we got through to the end of it, I said 'do you want to go off stage?' So we came off, and I think we were all a bit shaken by the whole thing."

"There was this general feeling before we went on that the crowd was different to the sort of crowd we're used too. We're used to very enthusiastic, carefree audiences, but for some reason there was quite a muted tone to the whole evening and at least one person wanted to make them their presence felt."