Friday, February 23, 2007

Shop Gossip

We're having a shed delivered that day, and we suspect the crush of the crowd would make it a slightly unpleasant experience anyway, but at least the idea of The Gossip doing a free instore at HMV is a fine one. March 5th, Oxford Street, 6pm.

It's promoting the re-release of Standing In The Way Of Control - a fine single, but is it really cool to be re-releasing singles, Beth?


Anonymous said...

I can't help but remember this

"I love The Gossip and think we've a lot of common ground, but supporting this re-release and instore gig is a soul-sucking experience. It isn't gigs, it's cheap whoring.

"Like when you're nine and New Kids On The Block come to town and you camp outside the mall all day to get a ticket.

"The audience are moms or NME readers wanting chart hits. They've most definitely never seen a John Waters movie or heard The Ramones and are desperately trying to be cool in this cold harsh realm of the great lord GENNARO CASTALDO!!!! ALL SHALL BOW IN HIS PRESENCE"

ehm... ok so maybe I went a bit over the top there... i apologise... still it is amusing to think that last month she was banging on about the audience at the Scissor Sisters... goodness knows what pop adoring people might turn up and irritate her this time...

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