Monday, February 26, 2007

We are family again

Doubtless this is a project for after the Katrina benefit single, but people with acres of print to fill ("people in the know") are persisting with the rumour that the Jackson Family are going to reunite as a music-making unit:

According to celebrity columnist Roger Friedman, they decided to make it a family tour because Jacko has been unable to land a deal as a solo artist.

It is also a boost for the rest of the family with Janet Jackson's recent records flopping and the others never finding the same success they had with the Jackson 5.

Righto, because that makes sense - nobody wants to touch Michael Jackson with a double-length extending Swiffer, so by parcelling in Tito and Randy and whoever else is really going to sweeten the deal, isn't it?

"I wasn't going to go and see the man who did Billie Jean and Thriller, but if Tito is going to be onstage, too... well, that makes all the difference..."