Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wham returning?

Rav Singh - the News of the World's version of Victoria Newton, with everything that implies - claims that Wham are about to return, although the story is so weak it could have sand kicked in its face by the bloke from the Mr Muscle advert:

WHAM, bam, what's the plan? I'm hearing strange things surrounding a WHAM! reunion.

But I'm Your Man when it comes to keeping you in the know and I've been on the go go now for ages to work this one out.

The buzz in New York is that GEORGE MICHAEL and ANDREW RIDGELEY will secretly fly to the US this summer to start recording new material.

I also hear infamous proucer STEVE LILLYWHITE has been approached to work on the album too.

But all this has been denied by George's manager ANDY STEVENS.

Despite the confusion, my music insiders reckon the comeback could be bigger than TAKE THAT's.

What sort of pisspoor journalist would need to ask "music insiders" if a Wham reunion would be popular? It's such an obvious position, it's like ringing your mother to ask her to talk you through putting your trousers on in the morning.

To try and add some sort of weight to the wafer-thin story, Rav's even been on the YouTube and embedded some old Wham! videos in his page.
Let's hope the boss doesn't own, say, a rival website which features video sharing so he won't be upset at the promotion of a competitor, eh, Rav?