Sunday, February 04, 2007

Who's the Diddy?

The other-guy-known-as-Diddy is now twisting the knife in Sean Combs Puff P Diddy's side. Having won the right to be the only Diddy in the UK, Richard 'Diddy' Dearlove is now pushing for P Diddy to ensure that all mentions of him on the entire internet include the all-important P:

The 41-year-old wants Mr Combs to erase "Diddy" from sites including YouTube and MySpace.

[Dearlove's lawyer Mr.] Purvis said it could be difficult for Mr Combs to do this but that it was his responsibility.

"What we say is he has given these undertakings and it is up to him to make sure they are complied with."

It's not difficult, surely, but nigh on impossible. Especially since if having videos on YouTube where Sean Combs is credited as "Diddy" gives the chance that Combs might end up in Wormwood Scrubs for contempt, that encourages us to start uploading stuff to the site and having some fun. Not that we would, mind, but... you can see why people might, can't you?