Sunday, February 04, 2007

Save idiots like me from myself, begs Jo

In her continuing attempts to try and spin her racist bullying as somehow being something that happened to her, rather than something that she did, Jo O'Meara has called for Big Brother to be banished from the screens:

"I feel if this is what a TV show does to people, then it shouldn't be a TV show," she told Sky News.

"The whole thing has been so unfair and so cruel," she added. "I've not been portrayed as the person I really am."

But, Jo, the programme has a live feed. Your sitting around laughing like a hyena wasn't a creation of editing. Your suggestion of Indians being thin through poor hygiene wasn't created in the edit suite. Your conversation about Shilpa touching your food, that wasn't dreamed up by Endemol.
"I'm not a racist person, I never ever have been," she said.

"None of it makes sense. I don't know how this has all happened."

Whoever is coaching her is doing their best - engaging with the charges of racism, which require an element of second-guessing motivation, in the hope that everyone will forget the bullying she was part of.
"I don't think you can get much lower," she told Sky News in a recorded interview shown on Sunday.

"They say you have to hit rock bottom before you can build yourself up. I just hope I'm at the bottom now."

O'Meara said she had contemplated suicide but had been "too wimpish" to go any further.

If that's true, it is terrible. If it's not true, she might have just found a way to make herself even lower than her appearance on CBB managed.