Sunday, February 04, 2007

This week just gone...

As usual, here's a report on what's been happened on No Rock and Roll Fun

The ten most-read stories were:

1. S Club 7's Jo prompts questions in parliament
2. People still want to know if KT Tunstall is gay, but we can't figure out why
3. McFly nude as they day they were born. Which wasn't very long ago
4. Jo O'Meara's fans campaign for her character...
5. ... but she doesn't actually help their cause
6. Brandy faces blame in death crash
7. RIP: U-nee
8. Girls Aloud and the Sugababes. United
9. Pete Doherty caught on camera singing Damon Albarn songs and injecting coke
10. Heather Mills muff and so on

The big thing, from our point of view, was the first redesign in about eighteen months - of course, everyone hates it and just wants a roll back to 2001's yellow-and-brown nightmare. Our feeds were broken for half a week, too, but they're working again now:
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The real big events, though, were the NME award nominations and the Irish Meteor awards. In other news, Kylie is back on the market; lock up your daughters as Gary Glitter's lawyer reckons he's about to be releasedand Hefner abandons airbrushing and sets Photoshop to "fill" to put Mariah Carey on the Playboy cover.

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Five years ago this week, an advert appeared in the Guardian Guide calling for the Pixies to reform; Noel Gallagher predicted that "in five years, Liam will be the best songwriter in Britain - that would be by now, then; and 6Music got nearer to launch - "a bit like the old Night-time Radio One meets GLR meets the old Radio 5", we suggested.

In the midst of it all the excitement this week, we suggested you try some of these:

Kristin Hersh's Learn To Sing Like A Star, best bet of this or any other week

Klaxons' Future arrives

Jamie T proves that what Mike Skinner does isn't as easy as it looks

Little Man Tate's "Sexy In Latin" might be the best song title of the year so far

...or it was, until Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's "Upon Encountering The Crippled Elephant"

Comsat Angels get a long-overdue rare and never released compilation

Shins pick up U2 producer, release third album, lose way a little

Veteran industrial sex goths Deutsch Nepal promise songs "addictive in every sexual way"

Madge reduced to releasing a live album/DVD combo - "Madonna dressed in a John Travolta suit strutting herself, it just took my breath away!" says Amazon fan review. Yes, that bad.

Of course, if it really was a genuine Fall live experience, it'd leave your CD player half way through looking for a bottle of vodka