Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bob Geldof redirects elsewhere

The apparent takeover of Bob Geldof's online donation service by porn has got the Sun outraged:

SIR Bob Geldof's official charity webpage was hijacked by disgusting, filthy PORN pirates

It's odd that The Sun - whose entire business plan has been based on selling softcore porn since it first launched Page 3 - still manages to find sexual content so disgusting. It's almost a form of self-loathing.
The donations link on bobgeldof.info redirected charity givers to a vile hardcore site offering X-rated schoolgirl filth.

Schoolgirl filth? Like this sort of thing?:
SEXY Emma Ryan has given Chris Brosnan a lap dance treat while dressed as a schoolgirl.

Sophie dared the busty twin to do a dirty dance and she obliged, while wearing a school uniform and red high heels much to Chris’s delight.

Other dares included Bianca doing a sexy walk and pulling up her skirt to reveal her knickers and Sophie jumping in the pool in her school uniform to get a "wet look".

Oh... no, hang on, that was The Sun getting excited by Celebrity Love Island.

It might mean this sort of thing:
This week barmaid and student Pepper Fretwell, 21, and pals don saucy uniforms for a School Disco club night in their home town of Brighton.

Pepper was joined by students Alice Miller, 20, Bea Pentney, 20, and Adele Doscher, 21.

Here, Pepper reveals to LAURA MACDONALD how the girls got a kinky caning from the club “schoolmaster”. But did they end up with any lessons in love?

Oh... no, hang on, that was also The Sun, doing a "piece" on School Disco nights.

But still, we're sure you can imagine the sort of thing. The paper has managed to find someone outraged by it all:
One benefactor said: “I went to give money to the Band Aid trust only to be redirected to a website that had some of the most disgusting images I’ve ever seen.

“I’m sure neither Sir Bob or any of his people knew about this but it is sickening none-the-less.

“To think someone could hijack a charity site is beyond belief.”

Although nobody seems to have hijacked a charity site; it looks as if the fulfilment site was the one that got redirected. It is odd that this benefactor wanted to remain mysterious, though. Even odder for a porn site to put its actual images on the free side of its server. Odder yet that a Sun reader might find female nudity "disgusting", isn't it?