Friday, March 30, 2007

Bono gets a gift

Last week, Bob Geldof fumed at European leaders for having the temerity to celebrate the EU's 50th birthday while there were problems in Africa. We wonder if he'll have similar harsh words for his showbiz mucker Bono, who quite happily accepted his honorary knighthood yesterday from the UK government, despite the UK's failure to do anything much that it was supposed to in Africa.

We're guessing not.

Bono was his typical self - trying to pretend to be both modest and a good sport, and failing to do either:

He said: "You have permission to call me anything you want except Sir." But he did suggest alternatives: "Lord of lords, your demi-godness," he joked.

It's funny because he was pretending he only thinks of himself as a demi god.

It's not in Bono's gift to withhold the title Sir from himself anyway - he's not entitled to it, not being British, not even for tax purposes.

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Anonymous said...

That acceptance speech in full...

"Before I accept this award from my fans, I'd like to say a huge thanks to the British government and tell them that, like Murphys, I'm not bitter that they chose to recognise my charity efforts YEARS after Sir Bob got his knighthood and in a year when I don't have an album to promote.
Having said that, I would like to ask whether being a Sir mean I get special tax treatment in London? Sorry, had to ask!"

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