Tuesday, March 27, 2007

An Epic comeback

Almost determined to wear out the "deckchairs on the Titanic" metaphor, Sony are relaunching Epic Records in the UK:

Announcing the launch, SonyBMG UK chief Ged Doherty told CMU: "This is an
important move for the company. It gives us another significant destination
for artists who want to sign to us by giving them the opportunity to sign to
a label with huge history and resonance within the industry. I've been very
happy with the progress of the Columbia and RCA labels since we brought them
back last year, and we need to expand our A&R capability still further to
help us grow the company in line with our overall plans. I'm delighted that
Nick Raphael will be leading Epic, he is a hugely talented and capable
executive with a track record of making successful albums with a wide
variety of artists and this is the perfect role for him".

We're still trying to work out what, exactly, the point of this is - are they expecting fifteen year olds to go "blimey... it's the record label that the Bee Gees used to be signed to; I'll definitely buy their downloads"? If the point of all the mergers and buyouts Sony have indulged in is to reduce costs, then what is the logic in increasing them again by reactivating an imprint? Does anyone have any real idea what they're doing?