Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Is Britain so short of powerful black female icons?

If I was a Black British woman this morning I think I'd be a little annoyed to discover that the New Nation's chart of the ten most powerful in Britain runs out of ideas at number eight - when it nominates Eva Simpson from the 3AM Girls. Really, New Nation? You can only think of seven people more powerful than a second-rate gossip columnist?

Doreen Lawrence and Justice Linda Dobbs, apparently, wield less influence. What criteria were used for coming up with this chart?

A New Nation spokesman said: "Each woman has the power to influence changes of opinion or policy."

A 3AM Girl? Changing policy? She can't even push Jamelia's sales into the top five, never mind set about influencing opinion on anything important. Once we tried to change the world; now we're just hoping we can get Kerry Katona dropped from the guestlist at London nightclubs. (Valerie Amos, for the record, came out on top.)