Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kylie Brown? It does have a ring to it

We're sure the leaking yesterday of details of Gordon Brown's 'secret' supper with Kylie Minogue was just a strange coincidence and not, in any way, intended to try and take the shine of Tony Blair's embracing of his light entertainment destiny by appearing in a Catherine Tate sketch for Comic Relief. (Tony, we discovered, is "not bovvered", which would at least explain the pisspoor performance of his government since the last election.)

The Sun tries to imagine just what Gordon and Kylie might have had to say to each other:

KYLIE: We’ve hardly spoken all evening.

GORD: (Spinning around) I know the face. I just can’t get the name out of my head.

KYLIE: Kylie. We have lots in common.

GORD: Yes, er... the gold hot pants.

KYLIE: No, we’re both well shot of Neighbours. Anyway, I’ve paid, so must be off.

GORD: Indeed. Waiter, where’s that VAT?

We apologise for the damage reproducing that might have done to your poor, straining sides. We're still puzzling over the punchline - we're guessing that they forgot the word "receipt", implying that Gordon will be claiming VAT back on an expense he didn't occur; but maybe the joke was meant to be that he was going to wallow in a giant vat of butter. Actually, none of it makes sense. Even down to why any editor would have run this instead of, say, a larger picture of Kylie.


Anonymous said...

Like the light touch but i see this as a nauseating example of how low these folk in la la celeb and political universe will stoop to massage each others egos to gain yet more PR.Kylie m strode proudly into the Anti Iraq War rallies for PR because it was the "in thing" to do and now she sups with the "enemy" to lift herself on back of cancer and split mega PR exercise .And since this dinner was back in Feb but only leaked now by the person who threw the thing,the awful chic lit write Kathy Lettes one is left to conclude she went ot press with it as a charm offensive for Gordon who is about to face a parliament yes/no as to whether he gets straight in as Pm or if he will have to face some contenders in a vote.Why else sit on her "story" for a month +.
The whole to is all so disingenuous
and yet more arse -wipe baby kissing crap that fools nobody as PR let alone genuine concern for their voters,and Kylie..well she is just a media glutton cashing in on her elevated media hype just because her chemo like most other sufferers worked.!!!

Pass me a barf bag....I hate being treated with guff like this as if I am stupid,naive ,gullible .

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