Thursday, March 01, 2007

New White Stripes: Bit of a Oddie-ty

Are they sure? Word has been handed down from Coca-Cola's Jack White about the next album:

"We are doing our best (whatever that is) to release the album as soon as coporately possible.

"And though we are tired, worn, weary, hungry, cold and left without an ounce of nutrition between ourselves, we are in the midst of planning performance type shows around the world."

The name, apparently, is Icky Thump - which is almost, but not quite, the name of the Yorkshire martial art practised by Bill Oddie's character in The Goodies. That, actually, was Ecky Thump, as featured on the seminal movie poster featuring Oddie in a cloth cap and frock promoting Ecky With Drag-On.


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