Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Snow flurry

Mark McClelland, who was in Snow Patrol before Gary Lightbody told him they had creative differences, has prepared his riposte: Little Doses, which is a clunker of a name. (Does anyone else associate 'dose' with STDs? Just me then?)

He is aware that he'll be compared with the his former employers, but... well, he's setting his sights high:

"At first, reviewers will draw comparisons and take the Snow Patrol angle - and I can't help that.

"But once you've seen us play, you'll see we're a different proposition, we're a band in our own right. This is a new era; this is Led Zeppelin after The Yardbirds."

Well, to be fair, Led Zeppelin is an absolute clunker of a name as well.