Monday, March 05, 2007

You, Ah-Tube and the music: Mark E Smith

Today is the 50th birthday of Mark E Smith, one of the most doggedly cussed and brilliantly inventive musicians the UK has ever produced. Let's celebrate by looking at him as he does things:

A snatch of Cab It Up from a performance of I Am Kurious, Oranj, The Fall's collaboration with Michael Clark [NSFW if you work in a very strict place; video contains Brix E Smith on a giant hamburger]
Mark reads the football results on the now-defunct Grandstand
The now-legendary John Peel eulogy on Newsnight
Caitlin Moran interviews MES on Naked City from May 1994
Smith and Wilson on Granada's So It Goes in 1978
The Fall do I Am Frank on The Late Show - 1991-ish?
The Fall, apparently on The Tube, with John Peel presenting


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