Monday, April 23, 2007

Al Gore ruins Diana's memory

It's tricky getting a memorial for Diana right, isn't it? The funeral was turned into a sideshow for her brother to rattle a few sabres (you'll have noticed him helping William and Harry's souls to sing over the last decade, of course); nobody quite believes she's buried on the island at the heart of the tourist attraction built to remember her; the charity established in her name pissed millions up the wall fighting the manufacturers of unlicensed tat; the song in her honour was just a retread of an old one about Marilyn Monroe; and the less said about the fountain in the park, the better.

Now, the Diana Memorial Concert is phuttering about like a candle in a very strong gale. Playlouder reports that the attraction of Live Earth has made getting people to sign up for the Di do a bit of a struggle. The choice between singing to save some polar bears and penguins, or to memorialise the woman who threw herself downstairs while pregnant to spite her in-laws is turning into a bit of a no-brainer:

According to an 'insider', it's all gone a bit haywire. "There is no doubt the Diana concert needs further big names," it said. "There is very little appeal to young people. With the exception of Elton, the acts aren't nearly as strong as Live Earth. Live Earth knocks it for six with virtually every cutting-edge, big-selling band in the world."

(As Playlouder points out 'cutting-edge' might be pushing it a bit.)

If it helps, Princes, Status Quo are, as yet, uncommitted to either event.

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Anonymous said...

"cutting edge"?!?!

i just spat my drink everywhere... cutting edge... laughable..

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