Friday, April 27, 2007

The end of the Popworld

The last redoubt of pop on old-style television, Popworld, has been cast into the same darkness as both its spin-off magazines.

To be honest, ever since Simon Amstell jumped ship there's been dwindling point, but Channel 4 tells the MediaGuardian that it's keen to keep the Popworld "brand" alive, and that T4 would carry on sticking the odd music video out between reruns of Friends:

Channel 4, which has a minority stake in Popworld Ltd, said it was committed to the brand and would try and develop it elsewhere.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said "Channel 4 has decided not to recommission Popworld, T4's flagship music show for the last six years.

"The show has performed very successfully over this period but we are keen to continue to use our T4 platform as a launch pad for new music formats that reflect our audience's tastes and the way in which they consume music."

We're not sure, since it's flopped in print and crashed on telly, quite what the Popworld "brand" might be worth now - perhaps HP are too far along the road developing Alex Zane shaped spaghettis to stop now, and so Popworld Pasta Shapes will soon grace the shelves. There is a Popworld website, but it's so far out of the loop nobody has bothered to tell it that the plug has been pulled.


DJ Samba said...


That's not even sarcasm. As cringewrothy as it often is, I seem to end up watchin it weekly.

The end of Popworld, and the end of TCTC, in one week? It is a bad time in my life!
-- 52 weeks, 52 albums, 52 reviews, and lots of bits and pieces inbetween

Anonymous said...

perhaps the council-telly people have tuned into MTV recently and thought "they don't show music any more so why should we?"... last night I actually watched the film Coneheads on some music channel... I mean what on earth was that doing on? "watching" music obviously isn't popular any more... then again who watches cooking programmes on a Saturday morning and they're doing pretty well... the TV world truly has gone mad. still at least heaven & bloody earth isn't on any more...

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Anon... Gloria Hunniford was axed for our sins.

DJ: There's always E4 Music. That's quite good. Sometimes.

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