Monday, April 16, 2007

George Michael: Beyond a joke

We've mentioned George Michael's ill-judged stunt of wheeling John Lennon's piano round places of historical misery.

What we hadn't realised at the time was that he's even going to turn Auschwitz into a backdrop for a photo opportunity.

Doesn't he have any friends who could have a quiet word?


Anonymous said...

I assune that they're going to leave the piano outside the theatre, rather than lug it up into the box where Lincoln was shot? You do have to wonder though, questionable taste aside, does anyone involved in this lack-witted venture really think it's going to make a scrap og difference?

Chris Brown said...

I notice he's going to do one for the Tube bombings as well. Good luck getting the piano down the escalator!

I notice he's not doing them anywhere that might be considered especially dangerous now.

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