Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Girls Aloud not thin, just wearing tight clothes

Sunsilk's new Girls Aloud advertising campaign has been condemned by eating disorders charity b-eat:

A spokesman from eating disorders' help group Beat said fans could be encouraged to copy the skinny look: "They look unnaturally thin - they look like Barbie dolls."

Polydor, on behalf of the band, say this is rubbish:
But a spokesman for their record label Polydor told the Daily Mail: "The girls are all perfectly healthy and are all different shapes and sizes.

"They have always spoken about and promoted healthy eating habits."

All shapes and sizes? You'd stump a pub quiz audience by asking "what is the name of the overweight member of Girls Aloud", wouldn't you?

Still, the band have done their bit to promote eating, if not healthy eating. Or, at least, they've been in an advert for crisps. What more can they do?

Meanwhile, Unilever - makers of Sunsilk - are insisting that far from being dangerously underweight, they're just wearing clingy clothes:
And a spokesman for Unilever, who make Sunsilk products, added: "The girls were wearing strong elasticated waist belts with elasticated black bodystocking-style skirts."

What - every time they go out?

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