Friday, April 06, 2007

Laverne now ex-FM

After 18 months, during which time she's drawn down pretty much acclaim from all corners, Lauren Laverne has quit as presenter of what MediaGuardian helpfully points out is the "ninth most popular breakfast show in London."

The departure looks a little odd - she went on holiday, and then XFM announced she wouldn't be coming back:

"Lauren is leaving Xfm to concentrate on her TV work," said Xfm London programme director Adam Uytman.

"It has been fantastic to see her move up the schedule and host a great breakfast show for us. We wish her luck with her future projects."

We know all farewells should be sudden, but... there's abrupt and abrupt.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I loved Lauren's show on XFM. Maybe if we're really good and our hearts are pure, and we wish really really hard, she'll get signed by BBC radio and I'll be able to catch her shows on listen again - I've not been able to listen to her since moving to NZ because of the time difference :-(


Chris Brown said...

That's the second breakfast show host they've lost in, what, six weeks? It's starting to look like carelessness.

It's not as if they have a huge stable of high-quality DJs they can use either. Whatever did happen to IAIN dot Baker?

Anonymous said...

You can only hope for it... you know you want it... and nobody's said it... so I will...

Kenickie. Reunion.

Though let's face it, here response here was a tad more polite than her "We are Kenickie... a bunch of fuckwits"

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