Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lily wants boy-on-boy action

Keith Allen's daughter has gone off on one again, wailing that people always try to play women off against each other:

"Why do people always try and play women off against each other?

"Yes Amy and I are both English and yes, we're both in our early 20s. But why don't they try and create a feud between me and James Morrison or Amy and Paulo Nutini?

"Or why not create a rivalry between the boys?

"There is something seriously wrong with this part of our culture."

Yes, Lily, why do people always try to make it look like you're picking fights with other female pop stars? Could it be, do you think, because you're constantly giving the press quotes putting other female pop stars down? Or is that a coincidence?

And why oh why does nobody ever create a rivalry between the boys - imagine a story about, say, Liam calling Bloc Party "music for University Challenge" or something. It just wouldn't ever happen, would it?

And Paolo Nutini would last about three seconds if he was put into a cage with Amy Winehouse.

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