Sunday, April 22, 2007

Travis set their old stuff free

Normally, the mere mention of the name Travis has us rummaging through our weapons, girding our loins, and preparing to toss the choicest rotten fruits in their general direction. But this time, we're having to applaud them.

They're rummaging in their attic and offering bits and pieces from their unreleased back catalogue for free through MySpace:

“We've released 130 songs in A-sides, B-sides and album tracks since we started out. Now there's finally a place where we can put up four brand new tracks a week that people haven't heard before.

"We've been doing that for 12 weeks and we've still got hundreds of songs to put up. We might have to slow it down a bit, but we can pretty much go on indefinitely!"

Of course, giving away Travis songs that weren't good enough to even pad out the third side of a second CD is a bit like offering the homeless the buns that got a bit sat on and the rolls which are going a little green, but it's still nice to see a major band trying out something a little more inventive online than just signing off on their label's cease-and-desist policy.

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