Monday, April 09, 2007

Wham! wrapped, and will never be unwrapped

Despite the ever-present buzz suggesting that some sort of George Michael- Andrew Ridgeley reapperance on stage is inevtiable, George Michael is ruling it out:

"It would "be almost as bad as THE SEX PISTOLS when they reformed"

I've never been tempted because Wham! was of its time. When the group started, Andrew and I were both kids.

We were at an age where how you were developing as a person was just as important as the songs you were writing.

It all made sense then but at this point, a Wham! reunion doesn't make any sense."

Of course, if he was working double shifts at the Red Lobster and deliberately dropping spoons in the hope of doubling tips*, Michael might think differently.

(*Or whatever it actually is that Ridgers is doing right now to make a living.)

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Anonymous said...

I don't think Andrew Ridgley gives a happy monkey fuck about a reunion. Wham residuals mean that he can muck around surfing, riding motorcycles and leading a retired rock star life until the earth crashes into the sun.
I met him a couple of years ago at Crowtree Leathers in Lincolnshire, where his chief concerns seemsed to be related to his shiny new motorbike, the coming weekends racing at Cadwell, and, er, that's it. The measuring lady at Crowtree had no idea who was, describing him as "a lazy bastard". Or maybe she did...

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