Saturday, May 05, 2007

Amy Lee loses another couple from Evanesence

The increasingly one-woman band that is Evanesence has lost a couple more members, with Amy Lee firing John LeCompt and Rocky Gray walking out in sympathy. LeCompt blogged about his cashiering:

"Around 3:30 pm yesterday I recieved a call on my cell from Amy. This call wasn't from a friend who appreciated me but from an enemy who was prepared to hurt me and my family. Without any warning or negotiotiations for my future, I was fired for no good reason. We have not always seen eye to eye on everything, but who does?

"Our common goal was always the same. To make Evanescence the best rock band it could ever be. I have always given blood, sweat and tears to make that happen but apparently that is not enough. I have now become just another of the people fallen by the wayside on the revolving door of her life. It's funny how many of us there are now. I guess it's good for lyrical content, though. Maybe I will be among the blessed to have a song written about me, too. Maybe the song will be 'Call Me When You're Broke'."

It's fascinating that Amy Lee seems to be going about becoming solo by a really circuitous route. She's always tried to play down the Christian origins of the band - presumably that's why she's behaving with so little compassion or charity.

Wouldn't you love to see LeCompt bring an unfair dismissal suit?


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to fall by the wayside of a revolving door? Anyway, always nice to hear of things stopping Evanescence from recording music. Interesting that you mention the whole Christianity thing- I assumed that they just pretended to be Christians in order to sell shoddy product to Americans, after they saw how well that strategy worked for Dubya.

julian said...

Ridiculous. Amy Lee... her voice isn't so great that she should be able to treat people in such a callous manner. First album = pretty awesome. Second album = not worthy to piss on.

James said...

Second album? Crikey.

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